Northwest Technical Solutions is a group of dedicated people from Northwestern Ontario and around the world. A lot of us grew up with the joys of rural living as well as the struggles of rural infrastructure. This drove us to develop a love for technology and the power it can have to connect businesses and individuals around the world.

We saw each year as the changes made it easier to work or play. But we also had to deal with the gremlins that new technology can bring. Problems can come up at every turn and there’s a lot of space and time between you and the concentration of people who can help. So we learned how to take the problems into our hands and develop solutions. We found the information we needed to keep our technology working for us.

Throughout the years we realized a lot of people appreciated our assistance. When the time came for us to decide what to do for secondary education and for work, we realized that our future was well served by helping others with their own technology solutions. That our passion will provide necessary services to many business and individuals around us.

It became our dream to live and work where we grew up, with the people and businesses in Northwestern Ontario as well as those around the world. Connecting the region to the best of what the world has to offer and connecting the world to the best of the region. One business, product and, individual at a time. To keep those businesses working as well as they possibly can, for as long as they possibly can and to give new businesses the ability to enter the market.

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