IT Consulting

Our consulting process helps you determine where development time can be best spent for the most noticeable results. We provide a detailed analysis of current systems and resources to maximize their utility and improve ease of use. With integrated consulting, design, development, and maintenance, we are able to keep your systems running smoothly at a lower cost to you.


Professional and accessible web presence is integral for maintaining brand integrity. Our web consulting process will help refine the design of your website, improving user experience and brand awareness. The in-depth consulting process for new developments will help make your dream website a reality. Using our team’s expertise in design, development, and maintenance, we can provide tested solutions quickly and effectively.


We offer mediation services to help you communicate with your current or potential technology service providers. Providing support with discussions, training, technical support and product or service choice. Together we can ensure that you are receiving the best services for your investment.

System Design

We design our systems with ease of use in mind. Northwest Technical Solutions offers both standalone and web-based systems design. Whether you are ordering a new build or adding on to an existing one, our team delivers design options which look ahead and prepare the application for future modifications. The integrated design and development process reduces costs by minimizing future maintenance and avoiding downtime. Our team will work with you throughout the design process to ensure that the product you envision is the one that is delivered.

User Experience & User Interface Design

We look at the whole user experience when designing interfaces and test on as many devices available to exceed client and industry expectations. This allows us to deliver pixel perfect content on every device used now as well as in the future. From websites, web apps, mobile apps to desktop applications we deliver enterprise-level user experiences with consistent and elegant designs.

Software Development

Here at Northwest Technical Solutions, we develop the tools you need to run your business. Whether you need a solution for a problem you face once a year or a problem you face daily, we deliver amazing results using development principles that have been designed in-house based on industry standards. All of our solutions meet compliance requirements set by government and industry, protecting you from liability.

We have designed ways to deliver professional, easy to use products to clients within the shortest amount of time possible. Our products are designed with the idea in mind that this has a major impact on your brand and daily life. We want it to look and work exactly the way you want it to.

By using tried and true tools along with proven but ever updating company standards we are able to get new launches up and ready for business within days. While our agile development principles ensure we test at key stages to maintain consistency within our delivered products and keep updates in line with what you need when you need them.

We also want you to have the freedom to make the changes you need. We make each product as easy to manage as possible without sacrificing system integrity. Training is provided for all clients on delivery and throughout the design and development process. This way we can make products that work for everyone by making changes as needed.

Whether you need a full product designed and developed or an update for your existing applications. We’re up to the job. contact us today!

Systems Maintenance

Maintenance can be a big issue. Don’t sweat it. It’s our job to ensure problems don’t happen and to resolve them promptly when they do. The reality is every product needs updates. Whether you use it daily, monthly or, yearly, there will always be changes to the way you work and the tools available. By updating your tools as your processes change you can ensure your business is operating as well as possible.

We can help with legacy system cleanup, configuration, updates and, migrations to new platforms. Together we can rebuild your system that previously worked well back into the trusted consistent product you loved. Or add the features you want or didn’t know were possible. By taking a step back and cleaning up your tools, you can see a vast improvement in your employee and service efficiency.

Technical Support


Help where you need it when you need it. Technical expertise for any environment. From remote mines to main street business and anyone serving customers or building their business wherever it may be.

On-Site help is key, a lot can be done these days remotely but there are times physical assistance is necessary or just easier for everybody. We provide you with all the knowledge, tools, and assistance you need, wherever you need it.


Sometimes things need to be fixed before anyone has time to travel. That’s why we’ve developed procedures to assist clients remotely as quickly and easily as possible. So you can get back to working on your business instead of fighting with the technology that’s meant to make your life better. We provide Expert Technical expertise anywhere in the world. Just a call, chat or, email away. Let us make your life easier, just contact us today!

Crisis Management

Technology breaks, it’s an unfortunate fact of daily life. When you’re running a business its the last thing you need or want to worry about. But there’s always a way to fix it. That’s why we offer crisis management services to get the issue resolved as soon as possible and prevent any from occurring in the future.

Up-Time is important and data loss is not an option. Tell us what’s happened, is happening and what you need. Our team will hit the ground running to get everything working again. We will always take the time to ask questions and inform our clients before making changes to ensure system integrity is maintained at all times.

Call us when things go a little wrong, or REALLY wrong, whether you are a new or existing client we will do everything we can to get your crisis resolved as soon as possible.

Quality Assurance


There are always people trying to take advantage of security vulnerabilities, don’t let your company be one of them.

We provide detailed threat assessments and penetration tests for company systems. By analyzing current tools and practices we can development security guidelines for each business to take the steps necessary to protect themselves from current and future threats.


Proper testing saves money and saves brands.

We provide project testing and test procedure development expertise for businesses looking to make their products and own testing practices better.

Helping you catch potential issues before they become problems that affect your business by designing usable tests for every level.


Do you know if your products and company are meeting compliance requirements? There are a lot of industry and government authority requirements to take into account when delivering products and services. They can change drastically depending on your products, services, business type and operating areas. We research and update our internal standards for all new and existing products. Ensuring our business and our clients are always on top of regulation changes ahead of any possible issues or liability.

Using our industry-leading standards and proven tools we can complete compliance testing on a variety of your products and services as well. Our team’s goal is to help you ensure your business running as well as it can without unexpected issues. Keeping up with requirements during business start-up or during regulation changes shouldn’t be hard. Let us help you today.

Full Stack technological expertise for diverse business systems.

We are experienced in supporting a variety of industry-standard products and platforms.

If you have or want a one-page website, user-friendly customizable blogs or trusted enterprise level ECommerce Stores, we build all of our websites using industry leading standards and tools. Our team is experienced with design, development, maintenance, and support on most industry-wide products and platforms. We are eager and experienced in learning new technologies as quickly as needed to keep up with changing standards, regulations, market trends and client needs.

We also provide design, development, maintenance and support for Desktop and Mobile Apps. From Customer Record Management, Employee Information, Record Management and Sales Systems to Web Apps that do it all. We are here to design, develop, maintain, and support all businesses and users with industry-leading services and expert level support. For all clients from start-ups, venture projects and, small businesses to enterprise clients. Whether you want a new build, updates to existing products or assistance with existing products and services. We are here to help.

Just contact us today!



Superb customer service every step of the way.

It’s our job to understand your job, your needs and, the technology you are using or needing

Don’t let old technology slow you down or fear and issues with new technology keep you from doing your best work. We are here to help you with your new and existing products every step of the way. Whether we built it and manage it or not. We will do what we can to ensure your products and services are working for you. Not working against you, slowing you down and costing you money.

By taking our time to understand what you do, what you want to do differently and what you need from your products. We can help you determine what exactly is possible in the timeframe and budget you have. It also allows us to explain the products and services in use or available to you in a way that is understandable and applicable to your use. This way we can walk you through any problem with any product or service. No matter what your experience level may be.

Available in person, over the phone, on live chats or through email. We are here to work with you in a way that works best for your business. We always take time to respond to any questions from current or potential clients. If you need anything, contact us today!

24/7 Crisis Management & Technical Support for new and existing customers.

Business Systems Don’t Sleep – Neither Do We

We are always ready to provide new and existing clients with industry-leading management and support. Before issues come up or after they do. Day or night, any day of the week. Our team is in place to ensure your system doesn’t ever fail you or your customers.

If your current system has failed, you need more help or you cannot contact your current developer/administrator. Contact us and we will get everything resolved as soon as possible.

We will do everything in our power to ensure it never happens again. If you would like to set up a pre-emptive support agreement for products and services that we did or did not develop you can call or contact us today for quick, efficient and understandable crisis resolution and technical support services.

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